Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chi Travels to Clearwater

A few weeks back I was in Clearwater, Florida for a social marketing conference. Can we pause for a moment and celebrate the genius of choosing a beach front location for a conference? Why isn't everybody doing this?? I must admit though that it made it hard to focus on the presentations knowing that the beach was literally just a few steps away. As I caught a shuttle to the hotel on the first day, I saw a sign that said Clearwater is the #1 beach in the US. Whether it still holds that title I don't know, but the gorgeous views are undeniable.

My sister met me there so once my presentation was done, we made a mini vacay out of it and it was exactly what I needed. We had such a good time laughing, eating good food, and hanging out by the beach. Comps preparation have been extremely stressful and I was feeling so burned out. This trip really helped me recharge. Ever since I got back I've been much more productive, more focused, and more optimistic. Note to self: beach trips are good for your health. I ended up taking tons of pics of the views, the delicious food we ate, and some of my outfits.

Check out some of the beautiful views below.

This was the view from our hotel...take me back!
Stay tuned for shots of the food and outfits:)

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