Monday, July 25, 2016

A Cocktail Dress and Chicken Wings

When I packed for Clearwater my suitcase was full. I had no plans or need to do any shopping. When we get there, my sister told me she didn't have a bathing suit and you can't very well come to a beach town without one. Well, we ended up at Ross and long story short, I think you no where this is going. I ended up buying two tops, a pair of shorts, a maxi dress, and a really cute cocktail dress for a total of about $50. Crazyyyy! In fact, I've already posted outfit pics of the gray maxi dress.

Together the shorts and the top in these pictures were about $16. You just can't beat those prices.
The combo was so cute that I opted to wear it instead of one of the other outfits I packed.

I loved wearing this. I'm always down for a little print mixing:) Plus it was super lightweight which was my top priority for anything I wore in Clearwater.

While I loved everything I bought, it definitely presented a challenge when it came time to leave and pack my suitcase. You should have seen me at the airport! Between the extra clothes and some of the leftover food, my bags were stuffed. I survived though. With my chicken wings and the new cocktail dress I got at Ross in tow!


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