Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sister Summit in Savannah!

Last weekend my sisters and I went down to Savannah to celebrate my oldest sister's birthday. It was the first trip that just the three of us had taken (I think ever) so I dubbed it our "Sister Summit in Savannah." It was nice for us to be in a different space, just the three of us, and relax. We're at a stage now where we hang out because we genuinely like each other - who knew?! I'm so grateful for the relationship we have now. It takes work, and we definitely still fight, but my sisters are my day ones:)

Where we stayed
Our accommodations were top notch. We stayed at the Olde Harbour Inn in the Riverview suite. Every afternoon hotel staff came around and brought an ice cream treat for the guests, in the evening there was a wine and cheese reception in the hotel lobby, and they offered a breakfast buffet each morning. It's not your big box hotel, so it has a cozy and charming feel to it which I loved. As far as location, it's right in the heart of things, so we were able to do a good bit of exploring without having to move our car. This turned out to be a good thing as the streets were completely lined with cobblestone - great for taking pictures, not so great for driving or walking in heels. We actually saw one girl in heels who took two steps from her car and then immediately turned right back around.

The View
We were right by the water and it was beautiful. As the sun set you could see headlights from cars illuminate the bridge off in the distance. 

The Shops
When we went exploring around the hotel there were a bunch of little touristy and specialty shops selling food and other trinkets. I picked up a couple incredible smelling soaps, some jams, two fans, a brass minute glass with pink sand, and a shirt that changes colors in the sun:) I wore it yesterday and couldn't stop grinning while I was out running errands. I felt like a secret agent sitting on classified information that no one around me knew. (yes, I'm a dork - I own it).

The Food
I filled my belly with some delicious food during our trip. For my sister's birthday dinner, we ended up going to a restaurant called the Olde Pink House, which is an actual old pink house. It was walking distance from the hotel which was perfect.

Caramelized vidalia onion sweet potato ravioli with oyster mushrooms and a savory pecan cream sauce.

I love going to restaurants in the South because "bread basket" means biscuits and corn muffins. They were honey biscuits guys. The kind that you would pay for on their own and they were giving them away for free. The corn muffins were literally knock your socks off good. The food would have been amazing if it ended there but it got even better. We all sampled each other's dishes and between the three of us we ordered the crispy fried lobster tails, a sweet potato ravioli, and some pork chops. The MVP of the night in my opinion was the fried lobster tails. I could tell it was masterfully seasoned before I even started chewing the lobster. A runner up was definitely the mac and cheese. They had to have gotten the recipe from someone's big mama. This is the type of restaurant that I'll have to hit up anytime I'm in the area. There were a bunch of other items on their menu that I must try like the "Southern sushi" and goat cheese fritters.

We also hit up a couple of Asian and Asian fusion spots that did not disappoint:)
"Spider Roll" with tempura crab

I found a couple of new snacks too that I'll be featuring in the next segment of my snack easy series so be on the lookout for that next month.

Check back later in the week to see a recap of my Savannah style:)

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