Sunday, May 8, 2016

New In: Snack Easy Series!

I am a hardcore snacker. At around 11:30am and 5pm on any given day you can find me eating a piece of fruit, some whole wheat toast with jam, pepperjack string cheese, a bowl of air popped popcorn, greek yogurt, and the list goes on and on (not all in the same day, of course!). I thoroughly enjoy my snack time. I'm like a kid that way.
Lime fresco popcorn found at HomeGoods
I'm a firm believer that snacking can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. The key is to snack with purpose. My snacks are planned with the same amount of care and consideration that my meals are. That means that I'm mindful about what snacks I choose, how much I snack on, and when I snack.

While snacks are awesome, the hardest part may be figuring out what to snack on. There are so many choices out there. How do you know if something is good for you, whether it tastes good, or if it's a good value for the money?

That's where I want to help. Consider me your snacking fairy. Now, I won't be leaving healthy snacks under your pillow, but I will do the "painstaking and grueling" work of testing out different snacks, and letting you know whether they're worth a trip to the grocery store.
I'll be judging the snacks on three criteria: nutrition, taste, and value. Based on those things I'll give my verdict as to whether I would purchase it again, and if so how often.

Check back tomorrow for the first installment! It'll feature a "spicy" popcorn, some fruit and veggie bars, and a jerky, among other things.

And happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing mothers out there:)

Until then, snack easy my friends.

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