Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mini Appliance Haul (under $100!)

finally went ahead and bought some kitchen appliances that have been on my need to purchase list for years. Don't ask me why it took so long. There's no excuse.

These are all basic appliances that are commonly called for in recipes. I think after seeing the 50,000th recipe calling for a food processor, I thought to myself maybe I should just buy this thing. It's clearly not going anywhere. So I did. And it's funny because getting the food processor inspired me to pick up some of the other appliances I've been procrastinating on purchasing.
What they look like unboxed. Isn't the slow cooker darling?!

The best part is that I got all four of these items for under $100 (tax included).

I got the food processor on sale at Target a few weeks ago for $40.
I got the slow cooker, digital scale, and lemon zester from Amazon. The lemon zester was $15, the scale was $12, and the slow cooker was $29.

I'm excited to put these babies to use. I think I'm going to make some type of chicken dish in my slow cooker first. The idea of throwing ingredients in it in the morning, and returning home at the end of the day to an incredible smelling house with a fully cooked meal is magical. Bonus points for the slow cooker being pretty to look at:)

For my food processor, the first thing I'm planning to make is going to be a pesto (which I've been dying to do). I'm also considering a nut butter, or a recipe for these vegan sweet potato bars with a gingerbread crust using dates that I found online.

For my lemon zester, it'll likely be some variation of a lemon poppyseed or lemon blueberry muffin.
I've already used the digital scale to make an apple cinnamon bread recipe (delicious) that I'll be sharing with you shortly. So far it's worked well.

Happy Friday's Eve!

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