Monday, February 29, 2016

My Blue Apron Experience

As a Christmas gift my sister got me a week of Blue Apron meals. I had heard about Blue Apron before so I was really excited to give their meals a try. I patiently stalked their website waiting for a weekly menu that appealed to me. That menu finally came on the week of February 22nd. The way it works is that every week they have six dishes to chose from, which you'll get three meals based on your dietary preferences (e.g. if you're vegetarian, don't eat pork, or don't consume shellfish). Early this past Friday my meals were delivered, and they were packed with dry ice to keep all of the ingredients fresh.

They send all of the ingredients in the exact amounts you'll need to make the dishes so you don't have to worry about leftover ingredients. 

Along with the food comes detailed step by step recipe instructions with pictures of each step, along with a picture of the finished product. 
One thing that I didn't like is that as I was selecting which of the three meals I wanted for that week, there were restrictions on certain combinations. For example, if I chose one particular meal then I wouldn't be able to select other specific meals. This was disappointing because they had a moo shu vegetable pancake meal that I wanted to try. Since I had already selected two other meals, however, I had to go for something else. A part from that it was a pretty straightforward process. For my meals I ended up getting the Trinidadian chicken curry with coconut grits and collard greens (sounds amazing, right?!), the acorn squash risotto with a radicchio salad, and spicy spaghetti with cabbage and toasted breadcrumbs. I've decided to start by making the Trinidadian chicken curry first and I can't wait to report back on how it comes out. My mouth is already watering. Stay tuned!

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