Friday, January 15, 2016

One Down and Miles to Go Before I Sleep

I survived my last first week of classes! It feels like a big accomplishment. The first week back after a long break is always a little rough for me. I have to get used to having a strict routine again. My calendar has already filled up with assignment deadlines, research meetings, TA duties, and writing sessions.

As overwhelming as this can be, it's also a bit refreshing. A new semester brings new subjects, new research ideas, new people, whether they be professors or classmates, and new experiences. There's this anxious, frenzied energy in the air. People scurry around campus trying to find classes in buildings they've never been to before (me on Tuesday), crack a smile as they run into a friend that they haven't seen since before break, and decide whether they're going to stay in that stats class that meets on Monday morning at 8. It's kind of electric.

One thing I'm sure of is this semester will not lack in excitement. It's only been a few days and I'm already involved in a project to help communicate success stories about meeting healthy food guidelines in federal worksites (right up my alley:).

Faux Leather Jacket: JcPenney, Blue & Gray Sweater Top: JcPenney, White Top Underneath: The Limited, Jeans: Target, Shoes: Forever 21, Chain Necklace: Express, Gold Bangle: Old Navy

Besides the excitement the new semester has brought, there is a little intimidation. By May I'll have to make some big decisions (e.g. settle on my dissertation topic, form my committee, and begin seriously thinking about post-graduation career plans). So let's just say I'm not in a rush for the semester to end:) This weekend I plan to take it easy by doing some reading and resting. Technically, the honeymoon is already over. My professors have wasted no time in assigning plenty of readings and assignments. I'm going to extend it for a few more days though because once Tuesday comes, it's a race to the finish.


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