Wednesday, June 24, 2015

School's Out!

And just like that a year goes by. I officially finished my first year on May 1st and it was crazy and intense, but wonderful. This past semester really kicked things in to overdrive with harder classes, more research, and new TA duties, but I held my own and for that I'm proud.

Fast forward to May 7th and my sister and I were in Miami for a birthday celebration. We were concerned that the weather was going to be crappy due to the forecast but it was perfect (minus the humidity).

We celebrated by going on a private yacht cruise around Biscayne Bay where we got to see multimillion dollar homes. Talk about life goals?!

This house is $20 million. Yeah.

Ended the trip on a sweet note by having a churro milkshake with churro bites for dessert on our last night. Too much excitement to contain. If you ever go to STK, you've got to try it.

A couple weeks later I headed to Atlanta to meet up with some friends for Memorial Day weekend. I ended up driving (not a bright idea) but you live and you learn. You'd think the highlight of my trip would be seeing my friends (which was definitely up there), but it was actually the churro pancakes I had at a restaurant called Radial Cafe.

I'm not sure if I've declared it here but I have a severe churro obsession. It's actually tied with my red velvet obsession which is saying a lot. If the two of them ever got together, I'd be beside myself. Anyway the pancakes were ridiculous. Some of the best I've ever had. They were cooked perfectly with a nice crisp on the edges but the insides were still nice and fluffy. I think about them often.

Treated myself to some sparkle:)

After breakfast before getting on the road in Old Fourth Ward.
It's been back to business since beginning of June (mostly). I've been working on turning term papers into manuscripts and doing research. I've also had churro ice cream (!!!), met up with some classmates for lunch, and have been plotting a trip to an amusement park (it's been way too long). I have to remind myself to really enjoy this downtime so I can enter my second year refreshed. I've also been working to finish decorating my apartment. I know I've been here for close to a year, but I wanted to take my time to find pieces that I truly love. Once I do, I'll share pictures.

That's about it! Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.

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