Sunday, September 27, 2015

Urban Remedy Product Review

I don't believe in juice cleanses. I need and love food so I'm not giving it up for anybody. I did feel like my body could benefit from a reset after a couple of weeks of traveling and eating out in early August. I had heard of Urban Remedy before and decided to look into their products. Urban Remedy is an organic health food company with an array of raw, ready to eat snacks, meals, and juices.

Their cleanses are pretty expensive. I didn't like the idea of spending north of 180 dollars for only 3 days worth of food, but I really wanted to try some of their meals. Fortunately, you can buy their products individually. I decided to go that route and created a custom reset meal plan.

Drinks/ Meal Replacement Shakes

This was my favorite drink. It was sweet but not overly so with a nice hint of cinnamon.

A close second for my favorite drink was the PB&J. It's not actually peanut butter (I wouldn't have ordered it if it was because I hate peanut butter). It was almond butter, with almond milk, and strawberries. Out of all of the drinks I ordered this was the heartiest.

Matcha Tea Au Lait
This was my first matcha tea experience and all in all it wasn't bad. I knew that matcha had an "interesting" taste before I tried it so in some ways I knew what to expect. The almond milk lent a sweetness to what would have otherwise been a slightly more savory drink. It's one of those drinks that I could probably like even more after getting used to the taste. I would certainly drink it over Chocolate banana or Nourish. 

Cacao Almond Milk
Any chocolate milk lovers, this one is for you. This tasted just like chocolate milk. I quite enjoyed it.

Chocolate Banana
This was my least favorite drink. I found it to be hard to finish with a somewhat bitter aftertaste (possibly due to the cacao, but it didn't bother me in the cacao almond milk).

Based on the ingredients this should have been one of my favorites, but it was a huge letdown. I found it to be pretty bland with an odd aftertaste. 


Carrot Curry crackers
I really enjoyed these crackers. It's an interesting combo but I liked it. I definitely sensed both the carrot and curry flavors.  The crackers aren't the texture of your typical crackers but that didn't bother me at all. 

No bake oatmeal cookies
These were pretty good. The texture is quite reminiscent of an oatmeal cookie, slightly chewy with some crunch to them. They weren't amazing though so I probably wouldn't order them again.

Banana brittle
I loved the banana brittle! It was my favorite snack out of the bunch. Sweet enough to satisfy sweet cravings, with a delicate, crispy texture that would make it a great topping for frozen or Greek yogurt. 

Raw chocolate mousse
This wasn't overly sweet but it also wasn't bitter which I was expecting. The mousse was pretty dense which made it quite filling and satisfying. This would be a great choice to fulfill a sweet craving without having to hit up the bakery section at Publix.

Fettucine with pesto
This was one of my favorite meals. Very hearty and filling and the pesto tasted like regular pesto not a pesto imitator. They used zucchini ribbons instead of pasta which significantly lowered the calorie count. The whole meal clocks in at 330 calories.

Veggie pad thai
This came with a coconut and almond butter dressing that was divine. As the name suggests, this was packed to the brim with veggies. This was one dish that I'd love to recreate. 

Mediterranean collard wrap
Based on the ingredients I expected to love this one, but it was good not great. The flavors didn't pack a big punch for me. I wouldn't order it again.

Thai collard wrap
This was unremarkable for me. It wasn't good or bad; squarely middle of the road.

Zen salad
This was another low-key favorite. The flavors are simple but as I took more bites I really began to appreciate all of the flavors working together. It also had a nice crunch to it and I find I need my salads to have some crunch. 

Spring rolls
These were pretty tiny and I thought the rolls themselves tasted okay. They do come with a ginger dipping sauce that had a great kick to it. You get a much better bang for your buck with the fettucine or pad thai dishes

What I Would Order Again
Fettucine with pesto
Veggie pad thai
Zen salad
Carrot Curry crackers

What I Would Avoid
Chocolate Banana
Generally, the wraps. They're pretty tiny so you get less bang for your buck. While the names and ingredients sounded amazing, the taste was a let down.

The Pros
Customizable; buy products individually
You get to choose when you want to receive your product and this doesn't cost extra as long as you meet the shipping minimum ($75).

The Cons
If you don't reach their $75 minimum then shipping is extremely expensive (read $49). They do pack it with dry ice and let you choose your shipping date.
While the nutrition info is on the individual product pages on their website, it would be nice if all of their products contained nutrition information on the actual packaging. Some products did but some did not.

So there you have it. And no this post is not sponsored. I wasn't sent any of these products for free or at a discounted price. I just wanted to share this information in the hopes that anyone considering Urban Remedywould find them useful. The reset definitely helped me feel refreshed. 

Have you heard of Urban Remedy? Tried any of their products? Which ones are your favorites?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

MISSING: My Summer Break!

I'm writing to report my stolen summer break. When I went to sleep in May it was here, but when I woke up this morning it was gone. I'm truly devastated. I had such high hopes for it and now it's vanished. [*In my Robert Stack voice*] If you have any information about my summer or its last known whereabouts, please contact me at...

All kidding aside (not really!), this has got to be the shortest summer ever. I feel like some one pressed fast forward and it was moving at 4X the normal speed. How is it August already?! I'm still scratching my head on this one.

A part from the sadness, is genuine excitement about the new school year. I'll be taking some nutrition research courses in the school of public health, a survey methods course, and a course on media law, all of which are going to be incredibly useful when I start my dissertation research.

One exciting development from this summer is figuring out my post graduate career plans. I always knew that I wanted to work in a creative space on several types of health communication projects. Beyond that the picture was hazy. Well it's becoming much clearer now. A lot of reflection (plus late night planning sessions with my wise big sis:) have helped me realize the unique space that I can occupy in my field. It's nice being able to go in my second year with this type of direction, and I'm immensely grateful to God for more clarity. I'll continue to flesh out my ideas and goals, and at some point (don't know exactly when) I'll be ready to share them with you.

For the time being, I'll try to enjoy these last couple of weeks before the semester starts by spending time with family and friends (in style, but of course!) Check out some pics below:

Chambray Top: Topshop, Tweed Shorts: Zara, Leopard Print Loafers: Madewell, Clutch: TJ Maxx, Shades: Forever 21

Here's to a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

School's Out!

And just like that a year goes by. I officially finished my first year on May 1st and it was crazy and intense, but wonderful. This past semester really kicked things in to overdrive with harder classes, more research, and new TA duties, but I held my own and for that I'm proud.

Fast forward to May 7th and my sister and I were in Miami for a birthday celebration. We were concerned that the weather was going to be crappy due to the forecast but it was perfect (minus the humidity).

We celebrated by going on a private yacht cruise around Biscayne Bay where we got to see multimillion dollar homes. Talk about life goals?!

This house is $20 million. Yeah.

Ended the trip on a sweet note by having a churro milkshake with churro bites for dessert on our last night. Too much excitement to contain. If you ever go to STK, you've got to try it.

A couple weeks later I headed to Atlanta to meet up with some friends for Memorial Day weekend. I ended up driving (not a bright idea) but you live and you learn. You'd think the highlight of my trip would be seeing my friends (which was definitely up there), but it was actually the churro pancakes I had at a restaurant called Radial Cafe.

I'm not sure if I've declared it here but I have a severe churro obsession. It's actually tied with my red velvet obsession which is saying a lot. If the two of them ever got together, I'd be beside myself. Anyway the pancakes were ridiculous. Some of the best I've ever had. They were cooked perfectly with a nice crisp on the edges but the insides were still nice and fluffy. I think about them often.

Treated myself to some sparkle:)

After breakfast before getting on the road in Old Fourth Ward.
It's been back to business since beginning of June (mostly). I've been working on turning term papers into manuscripts and doing research. I've also had churro ice cream (!!!), met up with some classmates for lunch, and have been plotting a trip to an amusement park (it's been way too long). I have to remind myself to really enjoy this downtime so I can enter my second year refreshed. I've also been working to finish decorating my apartment. I know I've been here for close to a year, but I wanted to take my time to find pieces that I truly love. Once I do, I'll share pictures.

That's about it! Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.

Friday, January 16, 2015

First Semester Style Recap

Check out some of my favorite looks from my first semester!

Cheers to a great weekend!