Monday, January 6, 2014

Culinary Pursuits: Holiday Leftover Club

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2014 has been treating you well. Now that the holidays are over *tear*, I wanted to bring you a recipe to get your year off to a healthy start and hopefully get rid of any leftovers you may have. My sister came up with this and it tasted great. I asked her what she dubbed her creation and she decided to call it the Holiday Leftover Club. The name says it all. If you're struggling with what to do with your holiday leftovers (and mailing it to me is out of the question), then you should definitely make this. It's so simple.

1/2 of a medium sized sweet potato, mashed
2 cups of spinach
~1 handful of turkey
2 slices of 100% whole wheat whole grain bread.

1. Completely skin the sweet potato.
2. Once skinned, slightly dampen it. I wet my hands and then pat it on the sweet potato. 
3. Wrap the sweet potato up tightly in saran wrap and heat it up for 6-7 minutes (or until soft and
4. Cook two cups of spinach with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. You can add salt and pepper or whatever
    seasonings you prefer.
5. Toast two slices of bread on the stove at medium high heat until browned. You can toast it with a
    little garlic butter or use the spray form of extra virgin olive oil which has 0 calories.
6. Heat up your turkey for about 30 seconds. Make sure not to heat it up for too long or it will
    become tough and jerky-like.
7. Take your sweet potato and mash it with a fork. Spread it across one slice of toast.
8. Add your spinach and turkey. 
9. Enjoy!

You can thank my sister later. For now, enjoy your sandwich!

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