Tuesday, December 31, 2013

You've been so Good to Me, 2013

After a successful thesis defense. Cloud nine would be an understatement!

On the way to graduation!

My sister's first time making the turkey and when I tell you she nailed it I mean she NAILED IT! Turkey has never disappeared so quickly in my house.
Getting ready to go Christmas shopping!
Going out for a celebratory dinner with my mom after landing my fellowship.
This is an outfit I wore to church a couple of Sundays ago. I swear I've never gotten so many compliments on an outfit. I'm ending 2013 on a very fashionable note!
I don't really like alcohol so this is what I'll be having when the clock strikes 12.  Peep my sparkly NYE nails! They're graphite by Chanel.

2013 has been an incredible year! Nothing short of it. The good completely overshadowed the bad and I am immensely grateful. There were so many things I was able to accomplish this year from starting this blog, graduating with my masters, and landing a pretty awesome fellowship that I'll be starting in the New Year! The growth and success I've experienced both personally and professionally have been beyond anything I could have dreamed of at the end of 2012. With all of that being said, I am so excited about 2014. I'm excited for the people I'll meet, the opportunities to travel, to write and connect with more of you on this blog, and to continue to grow as a person. I hope you all have a safe and amazing night and a spectacular New Year! I'll see you on the other side:)

Lots of love,

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