Sunday, October 6, 2013

Strength in the Struggle

Today I decided to go to church with my sister. She lives about 45 minutes away so on the drive up I played one of my favorite gospel albums, Tye Tribbett’s Stand Out. After I got to her place, we headed over to church and I still had his album playing. As we were driving, we started talking about Tye Tribbett and his cheating scandal from a few years back. I know some people took his music out of rotation as soon as it came to light, but I didn’t understand why? Nobody is perfect. I can’t judge other people for mistakes they’re making because I’m making mistakes as well.

From there we started talking about how other Christian artists like Kirk Franklin have been vocal about the struggles they’ve gone through as believers. To me that is so refreshing. I don’t want to listen to artists or pastors who make it appear like their lives are perfect. I want to hear about the good and the bad. Knowing that a song or sermon is based off of lived experiences gives it greater value and meaning. I jokingly said that you need to have gone through some things to be my pastor, but that’s a pretty accurate statement. Struggle is where you find strength, where you learn lessons, and where your relationship with God is truly formed. The greater the struggle is, the greater the testimony is and the more lives that can potentially be brought to Christ. Besides, how can you sincerely counsel me on overcoming trials if you haven’t faced them yourself?

As I was saying all of this, it really put things into perspective. I’m at this juncture in my life where I have a better sense of what I’m supposed to do but unsure of the path to follow to get there. As I try to take steps forward, I feel like I keep running into brick walls. This was a reminder for me that the struggle is a part of the journey. Because of my encounters with these brick walls, once I’m able to conquer them, I’ll be more resilient, less doubtful, and better able to help other people do the same. My present struggles will become my future strength. I hope for all of you reading this that you come to (or have come to) that same realization. 

Here's a quick look at what I wore to church

Sweater & Necklace: Forever 21, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Baker's, Clutch: BCBG 

P.S. The pumpkin pie bagel and New York style cheesecake cream cheese from Panera are incredibly good! They’re both seasonal items so make sure to check them out before they're gone for another year! You've got to indulge every once in a while, right?

The extra cream cheese is my sister's, I promise!

Happy Monday in advance!

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