Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Google MD

We’re all guilty of it. One day you’re not feeling well so you decide to google your symptoms and uh oh. What was a simple sore throat has transformed into a rare form of esophageal cancer leaving you with only 6 months to live. Google can really do a number on your psyche. A week later when the doctor tells you it was in fact just a sore throat you realize you wasted the entire week trying to decide who would get your collection of vintage tees. I’ve done this to myself countless times, and somehow Google always produces the most devastating results first.  In these instances, I felt like I had to know and once I did I panicked until a doctor told me that everything was, in fact, going to be okay.

When I was feeling under the weather a few weeks ago, I decided that this cycle needed to be broken. I desperately wanted to google “fatigue” and “dizziness,” to see what diagnosis Google would give me, but I resisted and went to see a doctor instead. The doctor ran some tests and told me that it was just dehydration, and to get plenty of water and rest. Per his orders I did just that and have since been feeling much better. The lesson here: resist the urge to be an internet doctor and go see a real one.

Caveat: Trust your gut. If you feel like something is seriously wrong and requires immediate attention call 911.

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