Monday, September 9, 2013

Developing Your Inspiration Stream

We all need to be inspired, so it’s important that we have places we can go to soak up some inspiration or positivity. So what exactly is an inspiration stream? Great question. An inspiration stream is a collection of sources (read: anything) that you can turn to for inspiration. Yes I made that up! The idea is that you don’t have to go digging for inspiration when you need it most. You can turn to the sources in your inspiration stream and let inspiration find you. Developing an inspiration stream is as simple as taking note of the people, places, sights, and smells that inspire you and drum up your inner artist. You can keep this list on your phone, iPad, or whatever the latest techno gadget is so it’s always with you and can be easily updated when you find new sources. To help you get started crafting your own inspiration streams, I’ll share a few sources on my list.

Inspiration can come in the most unlikely places or forms. These are a just a few items that I've come across and found to be fun and inspirational.

Some of the sources in my inspiration stream:

Taking long drives by myself – I love the time alone to think about my future, specific goals I’d like to accomplish, and ideas for pieces that I want to write.

Sitting outside on a sunny day – There’s something about a perky blue sky that gets me excited. Possibilities seem endless and the world seems like a happier place.

Music – I imagine this one is a source of inspiration for many people. Music is such a powerful force. It can get us moving, change our mood, and restore faith. This is a pretty broad source but there are a few songs I immediately think of like Moon by Emily King or Clocks by Coldplay.

Books – I saw a quote on Pinterest that said “Warning: reading inspires genius” and I completely agree with this! So often when I read, I find myself putting the book aside for a second so I can jot down an idea the book just inspired. No wonder I’m a slow reader!

Do you have an inspiration stream? If so, what are some of the things on your list? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Rainy days, thunderstorms, and blizzards - I love being forced to cozy up inside and focus on me and my living space. Add a cup or three of tea and a journal with my favorite contemporary jazz mix playing in the background and I couldn't ask for more.

    A clean environment - Nothing clears my mind and inspires and motivates me more than a well decorated, clean and organized living space.

    Music - Almost goes without saying. In my spare time, I am rarely without my headphones. Very rarely. My musical tastes span the spectrum from classical music to traditional and contemporary jazz, folk rolk, soul, R&B, hip-hop, and even gutter rap. I pride myself in that heterogeneity. I have playlists for every physical and emotional occasion.

    For online sources, tumblr takes the cake. Inspirational quotes and imagery are boundless on tumblr, and for every possible subject you can imagine.

    Finance magazines like Money, Kiplinger's, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, and Forbes. I have subscriptions to each and I am grateful for all of the pearls of wisdom I've been able to glean from them, and also excited for the opportunities to put them into good use.

    Nice topic!


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