Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Mindful Life

My last semester of graduate school I took a mindfulness and health class. Some of the principles I’ve learned have been really helpful on my healthy journey. One comment my professor made that really stuck with me was rarely do we work on a task and give it our complete attention. Our mind is usually juggling a million other things that we have to take care of. Do laundry, wash hair, go grocery shopping, edit that paper. It eats away at our time. We don’t fully exist in the present moment because we’re so busy planning for the next ones. When she said this I could totally relate. As students especially, you have so many responsibilities to take care of that it seems crazy to not multitask. What I realized though, was that she was not saying don’t plan ahead or think about the future. In fact, she was encouraging that we do. Create a list of things that you have to do, prioritize the list, and focus on tasks one at a time. For the sake of full disclosure, I’m still working on this one. Why? Because it’s hard! It’s easy to get sidetracked, and I don't know if I’ll ever "master" it. I have noticed though, that when I am able to give a task my undivided attention, I complete it much faster. This week, choose one task on your to do list, completely focus on that task until it's completed, and see how much faster you’re able to complete it. It may surprise you!
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